Injector Loosener. Injector Dismantling Aid

Injector Loosener, the solution for coked, jammed and burnt injectors

For releasing jammed, problematic compounds in the engine and cylinder head area (such as injectors, spark and glow plugs, etc.) by extreme formula for injector loosener , corrosion and residues are broken off the surface. The oils contained in the synthesis lubricious PTFE particles can thus quickly and effectively penetrate the resulting microcracks and allow for easy and gentle removal.

  • High-grade synthetic oil
  • Strong efective formula
  • Lubricious PTFE particles – no residues, therefore no jamming or sticking
  • Extreme capillary action
  • Infiltrates rust and displaces moisture
  • For an easy and gentle removal of injectors, spark and glow plugs, etc.

Shake product vigorously before use. Remove large contaminations manually. Apply product generously to the base of part to be removed (injector/cylinder head) and let work for 10-15 minutes. Repeat as needed.
Remove loosened contaminants with compressed air.

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