Limp home mode cure with WX Turbo Cleaner


When a car enters limp home mode, one of the vehicle control modules, or computers, has detected a problem with its logic. A reading from a sensor or other input is not correct, and the computer knows that the readings are outside of the normal ranges. The module cannot process the correct outputs based on the data that it has to work with. When this happens, the vehicle’s computers will set a trouble code, and turn on a check engine or other malfunction indicator light.

Correcting the Condition

If your vehicle is in limp home mode, when you get to safety you may be able to shut the vehicle off and wait a few minutes, and then start the vehicle again. Sometimes, this will reset the electronic controls, restoring valid data. You should still have your vehicle checked as soon as possible, because the original fault may still be present. If the vehicle does not reset, you will need to take the vehicle to a repair facility for proper diagnosis and repair.
WX Turbo Cleaner Solves Your LIMP HOME MODE on all VNT Turbochargers


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