Turbo Cleaner WX

Turbo Cleaner WX is a revolutinary turbo cleaning designed to remove the carbon residues which can contaminate and cause the seizing of turbos and catalysts.

Innotec Turbo Clean

Turbo Cleaner WX  is ideal for all diesel engines with variable vane turbos and is the only turbo cleaning kit of its type on the market.

A fast and efficient cleaning system, designed to be easy to apply without the need for difficult disassembly. Once the Turbo Cleaner WX has been used to clean the carbon residue from within the turbo there will be a significant improvement in the power and consumption of the motor.

Due to carbon and dirt deposits a variable vane turbo will start to lose power. TheTurbo Cleaner WX can clean your turbo saving you hundreds of pounds in garage bills.

Many people experience the frustration of limp home mode and have tried the various solutions which are reported to solve the issue such as changing the vaccuum pipes and checking n75 etc, only to find they neither solve the problem but can also be quite tricky jobs if you dont know what you are doing. As well as the turbo cleaner you have an injection cleaner in the kit which is put straight into the fuel filter and will not only cure limp home mode but you will notice smoother acceleration, less smoke and a dramatic improvement in cold starting.

The Turbo Cleaner WX is designed to be as easy to use a possible requiring only a couple of hours to completely use the treatment on your turbo.

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